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Ace Hotel is a chain of hotels headquartered in Los Angeles, California and New York City. Founded in 1999 in Seattle, it operates hotels primarily in the United States, with locations in Portland, Oregon; Chicago, Illinois; New York City; Palm Springs, California; Seattle; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Los Angeles; and New Orleans. It also has hotels in Panama City, Panama; London, England; and Kyoto, Japan.


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Waiter (Former Employee) says

"Worked like a dog managers don’t treat you with respect, all take drugs and will fire people for menial things and have a reputation for doing as such"

Guest Services (Former Employee) says

"Management is a disaster. They dont care about their employees. Their HR director blows off employee complaints. The hotel manager spends his whole day flirting and following around the office secretary. If you cant find him, he's probably with her. The GM doesnt care about employees and will throw anyone under the bus if it means looking like he made the company an extra dollar. They dont enforce rules fairly, often times with managers and "senior" employees getting to do whatever they want. Rules are not strictly enforced when it comes to using building outlets off duty. HR Director feels outdated, she takes offense to every complaint and will stand up for everything management does, including defend racism and discrimination against employees. She is more of a 1st grade teacher thinking cupcakes and decorations will fix everything when everyone is too scared to go to her because she is personal friends with the GM and no complaint ever leads to change. Management office is filled with dogs and children with no babysitters yet there are no rules for employees to be allowed to do the same opportunity for our families/pets. GM is not respected....multiple departments use a nickname "tiptoes" to describe him when talking among themselves because he creeps around and eavesdrops on conversations and tries to get people in trouble. All of us line employees know the nickname, so do several managers including department heads and people who work in the management office. He is not trusted"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Sparse cleaning products. Staff aren’t friendly you’ll only receive a hello and nothing else. The work load is too much Supervisors aren’t friends You’re paid per room not per hour they lied in the beginning. Got paid late. Maids steal from the rooms and all lost property is given to the maid for them to keep outrageous."


"Pas d'arrangement niveau planning Pas de soutient physique Très mauvaise gestion de la hiérarchie Pas de développement Promesse orale d'évolution mais qui n'aboutissent jamais Site très mal gérer Incompétent Je déconseille vivementRienTout"

Réceptionniste (Former Employee) says

"Ayant travaillé quelques temps là-bas et en y ayant vu plusieurs employés passer, je vous la fait bref: On charge la directrice adjointe qui n'aime plus le métier ni la clientèle ni la direction de vous formez en qql jours. Ensuite c'est quitte ou double soit le directeur t'aime bien, tu travailleras donc que d'apres midi, tu pourras regarder Netflix et il te taxera 10 cigarettes dans la journée. Tu devras le couvrir auprès du siège de ses nombreuses fautes de débutant qu'il remet sur le dos de ses employés sans pression. Le couvrir via téléphone de l'hôtel quand qql de son intimité appel pour savoir où il est. Mais c'est aussi couvrir ses mensonges auprès du siège quand il oublie la clef du coffre fort sur ce dernier et qu'il leurs dit ce l'être fait voler, rattraper le tir quand il est infâme et impoli avec certains clients ou employés... En cas contraire si il ne vous apprécie pas: tu feras donc toutes les tâches que personnes ne fait: vérif des chambres, ménage, inventaire, trier des archives de 2015, nettoyage de parking. Ensuite si vous faite une erreur cela ne sera pas repris avec vous afin d'apprendre et évoluer mais un mail sera immédiatement envoyer au siège suivi d'une lettre dans votre boîte aux lettres. Les clientsLe directeur"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I worked here almost 3 years ! Very hard , I put a lot of hard work and effort into this job ! A lot of overtime I stayed to make this a better work environment! Management is racist! Instead of helping you they will watch you fail. Very messy caddy environment"

Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"Super busy brunch shifts with poor management and bad attitudes from all of the staff. Pretty much you go into work, get your a** kicked for 8-10 hours, get told to f*ck off by your sous chefs and coworkers, rinse and repeat."

Lead Bartender/Server (Former Employee) says

"I personally made a fortune there but if you do not have food and beverage experience do not waste your time they will feed you to the wolves the management team is a revolving door of arrogant people that think they could come in and change things for the better but nine times out of 10 does not work in their favor"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a beautiful hote however corporate and hotel managers aren’t on the same page. Any ideas are greatly encouraged until they’re not “cool enough”. Organization seriously lacking and although asked for its constantly changing.Staff and some managers are cool. Higher pay than elsewhereProgression lacks, demeaning behavior, hr is forgetful."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Everyone, including the management, has a terrible attitude all the time. It's the least guest orientated culture I have ever worked. They pretend to be casual but in actuality the management is super pretentious. Being cool is really the only way to move up. The amount of followers you have on social media is more important than being a hard worker. Everyone complains about everything, the only small talk to have is to gossip about someone or talk about how much work sucks.Great pay for all positions, casual dress code for most positions, easyish workloadchildish management, negative work culture, everyone always complaining"

Room Service Server (Former Employee) says

"I worked over-night room service at the Ace Hotel. It was an easy job, yet found little to do. Also the hours were horrible."

Réceptionniste en hôtellerie (Current Employee) says

"mauvaise gestion de l’organisation de l'équipe depuis le départ du franchisé."

Customer Service Representative/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They don’t pay well, and if you don’t use vacation prior to leaving you don’t get paid for it . I didn’t learn anything new at all , management is not around . Boring ..."

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"The management here is super pretentious. I mean they all seem to be pretty laid back but they're really not. I feel as if sometimes they give promotions to people that hasn't put in the work to actually be given a promotion. At one point I really didn't feel a sense of job security here at all, and it really disappointments me because this a really cool company to work for and I LOVE the casual dress code. It allows you to somewhat express yourself. I have seen corrupt management run really good workers away as well as trying to provoke workers to not only fire them but to ban them from the property.Free LunchHorrible Management"

Custodian/Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Just a normal day as a custodian cleaning hotel rooms and making sure hallways were clean and approachable. Breaks were okay. Best part of the day would have to be when you leave, other than that the job wasnt as heavy but also wasnt easy."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Helped open Ace hotel with a great staff of fun, smart and amazing group of people. Management of the restaurant was all over the place. They often let rude customers say racist and rude comments, while comping items to appease them. HR did not handle any complaints and often used complaints to lessen schedules or employees who have complained. Bar managers were great though. free staff mealdid not handle hr complaints well"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Ace Hotel for a little over a year and it was a very eventful year with most of us getting hired around the time of a union battle, it was a very stressful work environment."

Room Attendant/Housekeeping (Current Employee) says

"I like going to work because of my team. Great people around. Very busy schedule. The building is very old. I see many turist traveling all over the word."

Assistant Housekeeping Director (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my employment with this company. Perfect place for big personalities and a people person. Lots of team building activities, training and certifications provided."

Lead Server (Current Employee) says

"Business levels set by hotel occupancy and theater events. High management turnover. Poorly run kitchen that turns out great food. Good hourly rates, plus tips for front of house staff." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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